— 2011

It was a real travel in time. The school in Chociwel (small village in North-West Poland) looks like a typical polish school. All my memories suddenly came back. It turned out that this place smells just like my own elementary school. The globes are the same. Same arrays. Torn and dusty maps. Toilets which I was always afraid to enter. Dark and stank changing rooms. Everything was the same as it was in my own school.

It was a rare opportunity - just to go back in time and shoot everything that was so strongly associated with my own school-life.

This is not a coherent narrative. These are my own memories. Imagine you meet with your classmate and begin to remind yourselves of that teacher you were most afraid of or go back to places, where you smoked cigarettes during the break. It's something like that.

Imagine that I take you on a walk in the school. I open the first door and show you a geography classroom. We enter, go to the backroom and we see the rock samples, minerals and political maps of the Soviet Union, that collapsed 20 years ago. You know what I mean?


Exhibited at:
- 2013 Fotosommer Stuttart, Germany (part of a group exhibition "I SEE EUROPE! A visual journey in various chapters") >See exhibition view<
- 2012 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, "I have no illusions" exhibition by Eddie the Eagle Museum and OT 301

Published in:
- 2011 "PHOTO+" (no. 9), Seul, South Korea