— 2011

In the community center you can play table soccer or ping pong. In the evenings, adults come and barbecue. Sausages with mustard are a real goody.

By day you play football, volleyball or swim in the lake. Neighbours just bought a new quad bike, so they allow taking a short ride sometimes.

There's a hunt club in the nearby village. Whiskered men come from all over the world. They go hunting early in the mornings. In the evenings they drink beer. Or something stronger.

It's cool, because there's no school and you don't need to get up early.
Matt's father is a beekeeper. He lets us try the fresh honey just from the beehive.

Mosquitoes bite. It's hot. There's gonna be a storm in the evening. Tomorrow we're going to ride a bike.


I visited North - West Poland with Rafal Milach and Kuba Dabrowski. We were running photo-workshops for children getting bored during their holidays. We travelled by camper from one village to another, taking lots of photos.

Project "4x3" was organised by Sputnik Photos International Association of Photojournalists.
See children's photos and more info about "4x3" here:


Published as a book. >Check it out<