— 2012

I got photo albums from my childhood as a heritage - as it often happens, I had no influence on their formation. When I was a kid, my Dad photographed me all the time, often not even asking about my opinion at all. Hence, I got drawers full of prints, which I now owe the vitality of my memories. I remember the photographed situations just in the way my Dad photographed them.

"Pictures my Dad forgot to take" is an attempt of a backward reconstruction. The situations which I keep in mind, although they had never been photographed are its starting point. It's like first creating a signature, then taking the sole photo.

There are several "signatures" that bothered me. I decided to create their visual representation, using the tools Internet provides. I used Google Street View, Google Earth and Panoramio as my personal camera and as a time machine at the same time.

I found places that remind me of pictures just in the way I remembered them.


exhibition view / Bunkier Sztuki / Photomonth in Krakow (Poland), May 2012